Used Pianos

Not only does Blues Angel Music have a great selection of new pianos, we have an excellent rotation of used pianos for sale. We are authorized to sell Yamaha, Roland, and Casio pianos new, but we can sell any make and model of used piano. Each used piano is inspected for defects and potential problems. Once on the showroom floor, our Registered Piano Technician does a full cleaning, repair, and tuning of each piano, ensuring you’re getting a piano that is in the best possible condition.

If you see a piano you’re interested in, contact Rebecca Moore via email at, by phone at 850-457-7557, or by clicking any of the “Email Rebecca” links below.

Yamaha G3 6′ Grand Piano


An affordable Yamaha grand! This single owner Yamaha G3 6′ grand piano is a great opportunity to own a quality Japan-made Yamaha at an affordable price. It’s an enjoyable piano to play, with a nice, full tone and even action. This is an exceedingly satisfying musical instrument, providing the fullness and character that can’t be duplicated with a smaller instrument. It’s a worthy piano for pianist at virtually any playing level.– the professional, church musician or teacher, or for worship center or sanctuary. Acoustically speaking, grand pianos which are approximately 6 feet in length are almost ideally sized for an even, balanced tone across the entire instrument. Large enough to accommodate bass strings that give the instrument power, volume, and fullness, but not so large that the bass overpowers the treble register. It’s optimally sized to give you the smoothest, most even transitions from the very bottom to the top. You’re going to love it!

Wurlitzer C143 Polished Mahogany


This Wurlitzer Grand Piano is 4’7″ in total length in a gorgeous, polished mahogany. The “C” in the model denotes this piano as being made by the Samick piano company in Korea. Wurlitzer went out of business in the 1990’s and was bought by Baldwin. Baldwin had pianos made under the Wurlitzer name by other companies. 2001 was the last year Wurlitzer named pianos were made so this is one of the last ones. Don’t let it’s smaller size fool you. This instrument has a nice tone, even scale and robust sound for it’s petite size. In polished mahogany and like new condition, this instrument is in pristine condition, recently checked out by our tech and deemed, in like new condition, very clean and ready to take home. Original bench, local delivery and 2 year warranty is included.

Samick Grand Piano SIG54


Started by Hyo Ick Lee in 1958, the Samick company started producing easy to build upright pianos for domestic market in Korea. By 1964, the company had grown considerably and started exporting internationally. Presently they are one of the largest piano manufacturers in the world and market under the names of Knabe, Pramberger, Seiler, Samick and Kohler & Campbell. The word Samick means “three benefits” – symbols for the company, the consumer, and the country. This piano was built in 2003, 5’4 in polished ebony and is prepped and ready for delivery– a great price on a mid size grand piano.

Hazelton Brothers Grand Piano (Antique)


This beautiful 5’4″ grand piano, ornate and elegant was built in the USA in 1907 and has with loving care, remained a nice playing instrument and a beautiful antique. Piano has warm and wonderful tones, and comes with bench, local delivery and tuning.

Baldwin 243 HPE Hamilton Console


This series is the last of the Baldwins to be made in the USA and this make/model is known to be the best of breed due to their quality, size and durability. It will easily last 50 years. This piano is in excellent condition, clear with lots of playing hours left on it.

2006 Essex Console Queen Anne Design


Essex EUP116 Studio (designed by Steinway & Sons) This “little brother” of the EUP123 has a slightly smaller soundboard and shorter strings, but offers more flexibility in style that works well when looks are as important as performance. In other words, it’s built to the same standards as the larger models, but comes in more than a dozen impressive studio and console styles in Sapele Mahogany, Walnut, and Cherry finishes. No other piano builder today offers so many options that look so good.

Depending on the size of the room, many players will not notice a difference between this and the EUP123. If your ears like both pianos equally, it’s safe to let your eyes make the decision.

Any of these models are perfect for the beginning or more advanced player and offer value beyond any other pianos in their class. The hardest part will be choosing your favorite.

All of the pianos above are well-built, backed by the manufacturers for ten full years, and incorporate the most important construction features, as well as including a matching storage bench.