Heads, Cabs, and Combo Amps in Pensacola

Whether you’re looking for a new or used amp, or a vintage model with old-school tone, Blues Angel Music has what you need. Two things, though; don’t go amp shopping empty handed, and don’t get the first one you plug into.

Do you need a separate head and cab, or do you need a combo? Tube or solid state? That’s up to you. Bring your guitar or bass so you can hear the tone with your instrument. Try ’em all if you want.

Head and Cab

Heads & Cabs

The head and cab setup is popular for a couple of reasons. First, they just look cool. That’s not really a deciding factor, though. More practical is that they are easier to carry, as the weight of the amp and cabinet are split between the two boxes. Another argument for the head and cab option is the ability to mix and match for different tones and venues. A big cabinet will also give you a fuller low-end tone. An added bonus, many cabs have wheels, making them even easier to move around.

Don’t forget, they look cool.

Our selection of heads and cabs includes models from Fender, Orange, Blackstar, Vintage Sound Amplification, Yamaha, and Vox.

Combo Amp


Going with a combo is a great way to get a well rounded tone. Basically, what you’re getting is a well matched head and cab all in one box. While combos are heavier than separate head and cab components, they are also much more convenient. When your buddy calls you up to come gig with him, you can just grab and go.

Combos are generally less expensive than a comparable head and cab setup, too. They usually have an open-back design,  giving their sound an airy quality. Cabinets are as commonly closed-back as open-back, but having a closed back on a combo would cause a great deal of heat buildup, possibly damaging the electronics.

Check out combos from Vintage Sound Amplification, Blackstar, Vox, and Orange, always on our sales floor and ready for you to plug into.

Find Your Sound

There is even more to consider when choosing your setup. Should you go with the warm tones and old school feel of a tube amp, or should you opt for the durability of a solid state model?

Consider the kind of music you’ll be playing. Get clean jazzy or bluesy sounds from Fender and Yamaha. Find your metal side on a Blackstar, or plan another British invasion with the jangly sound of an Orange or Vox setup.

So, which amp setup is best for you?

Used and Vintage Amps

In addition to the great selection of new heads, cabs, and combos, Blues Angel Music also has a great and ever revolving selection of used and vintage amps. If you’re looking for a vintage tube amp sound, look no further than an actual vintage tube amp. Just because they’re not new doesn’t mean the tone doesn’t still ooze out of them like honey on a summer day.

Come in and check out our sweet selection of new, used, and vintage heads, cabs, and combos. Don’t forget your guitar.

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