Fender Acoustic Guitars

The same quality and passion that Fender puts into their electric guitars goes into every one of their acoustics. Fender acoustic guitars come in all of the popular body styles like the dreadnought, triple o, concert, jumbo, parlor, and nylon stringed classical. Many of the styles are available in Fender’s premium acoustic line, Paramount.

Fender Acoustic Guitars Dreadnought

The large body shape projects prominent low end, making the dreadnought a perfect accompanist or a star performer.

The traditional shape of a dreadnought projects booming bass tones that are ideal for flatpicking.

Even with its sturdy silhouette, the dreadnought’s rounded shoulders impart a comfortable feel for any player or performance.

Fender Acoustic Guitars Triple O
Triple O

The Triple 0 acoustic has a longer body than other acoustic guitars, which results in higher frequencies.

Project with precision thanks to traditional, sturdy “X” bracing style.

The Triple 0’s slim electric-style neck make it eminently playable for fleet-fingered musicians.

Fender Acoustic Guitars Concert

These small concert bodies are crafted for great articulation, making them a great choice for finger-style players.

Concert bodies feature a curvy waist for reducing lows and offering more tone control, especially in studio settings.

Because of outward projection from the soundhole, the concert acoustic is a fine choice paired with a mic during live performances

Fender Acoustic Guitars Jumbo

For those who prefer a larger instrument, a jumbo body is a perfect strummer that’s comfortable and ideal for playing rhythm.

A wittled waist and large lower bout deliver tightened midrange throughout any performance.

With a large belly and deep soundbox, the jumbo delivers big, meaty tone with balanced highs and lows.

Fender Acoustic Guitars Parlor

Parlor guitars offer traditional appointments and character for the modern player in search of a truly classic-looking instrument.

With a neck that meets the body at the 12th fret, the parlor guitar is our smallest acoustic. It’s not only portable, but also excellent for finger-stylists and small-handed players.

Due to its innovative bracing style, the thinner sound board resonates more freely, with warm vintage tones and plenty of midrange.

Fender Acoustic Guitars Classical-Nylon
Classical Nylon

The very first guitars didn’t have steel strings, nor were they amplified; those are relatively new developments in the history of guitar. Instead, the classical guitar was the origin of guitar-based music, with a tradition that’s continued for hundreds of years.

Fender provides a classical acoustic guitar that offers all of the modern features along with the design practices that date back to the Renaissance.