Fender Electric Guitars

are iconic. David Gilmour, Eric Johnson, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain are just a few of the people who have played these guitars. Their tone, feel, and playability have made Fender Electric Guitars a staple in nearly every guitarist’s arsenal.

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Fender Guitars Stratocaster

Fender expanded on the Tele’s “slab” body by shaping the body of the Stratocaster with sleekly comfortable foream and body contours that help make the instrument feel like one with the player.

New playing styles surfaced as rock “n” roll evolved. Fender added a third single-coil pickup between the neck and bridge, so players can scream, sparkle and soar while unlocking a wider range of tones.

The integrated bridge and saddles were originally devised to help emulate the vibrato-like tones of a lap steel guitar. When the tremolo arm is pressed, the bridge pivots with it, letting players alter their pitch and string tension to create expressive new effects.

Fender Guitars Telecaster

A single-cutaway body gives the Telecaster easy playability and durability.

Single-coil pickups at the neck and bridge create a broad range of tones for any genre, from country twang to rock ‘n’ roll roar.

The Tele bridge design not only retains the guitar’s tuning stability, but also makes it easy to adjust string spacing.

Fender Guitars Jaguar

The Jag guitar’s 24-inch scale length was created to appeal to the rapid-fire style of surf-rock guitarists and small-handed players.

Its two single-coil pickups are tall, narrow and shielded for hot, aggressive tone with less electrical interference.

With eight onboard controls, the Jaguar’s circuitry is the most elaborate of any Fender guitar, wired so players can alternate between rhythm and lead tones.

Fender Guitars Jazzmaster

Developed in 1960, the Jazzmaster guitar’s Space Age shape spoke to the times as well as to jazz musicians. Now, it offers elegance and balance for every player.

The Jazzmaster features a floating bridge and anchored tailpiece. In line with its jazz-inspired design, it allows for subtle vibrato over pitch-shifting dive bombs.

Fender Guitars Duosonic

Since its debut in 1956, the Duo-Sonic has found its way into the hands of genre-defining artists, becoming an underground sensation that helped create alternative music in the dingy clubs of New York City. A surprisingly hip guitar with upgraded contemporary features, this instrument features slick style and a unique sound that’s perfectly at home in modern music.

The Duo-Sonic guitar delivers the giant sound of three-chord rebellion. Plug it in, turn it up and create something new.

Fender Guitars Mustang

The shorter, 24-inch scale length helps players with small hands navigate their frets and delivers a slinky tone from less string tension.

Each single-coil pickup has its own three-position slider switch for unlocking tons of new tones.

The floating bridge and special tailpiece are perfect for expressive bends and solid intonation on any stage.