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Your guitar effects pedal chain is very personal. It’s yours. To make it yours, you have tried pedal after pedal in varying orders searching for the right tone. When it’s time to change things up, a broad selection of pedals is a must. Blues Angel Music has the pedals you need from makers like JHS, Analog Alien, EarthQuaker, and Xotic–right here in Pensacola. We also have boutique pedals from John Landgraff Pedals and Bob Burt Cabinets and Pedals.

Here Are Some of Our Best Selling Pedal Makers

JHS Pedals

JHS Pedals

In 2007 Josh Scott started JHS Pedals, kind of, by accident. He was repairing a Boss Blues Driver and, in the repair, he discovered a new tone. JHS has a broad selection of electric guitar, bass guitar, utility, Mod Shop and Custom Shop pedals. Their line is one of the broadest in the industry, and every pedal is made by hand in Kansas City.

Analog Alien Pedals

Analog Alien

The Joe Walsh Double Classic is a dual effects pedal designed specifically for Joe Walsh. It combines two circuits: compressor and classic amp. The Rumble Seat combines three classic effects: rumble drive, delay, and reverb. It will free up real estate on your pedal board and may be the only pedal you need. Come check these great pedals out.

Landgraff Pedals

John Landgraff Pedals

John and Rose personally hand-built each and every Landgraff pedal from 1999 until John’s death in May of 2015.  Today, Rose continues the tradition of building hand wired, point to point, socketed circuit boards, that permit her to voice each and every pedal, resulting in a consistency of performance not achieved by most other “boutique” builders using printed circuit boards.

EarthQuaker Pedals

EarthQuaker Devices

EarthQuaker pedals have been made by hand in Akron, Ohio since 2004, and their selection keeps growing year after year. You could fill your board with these pedals and not have a need for anything else. They have pedals for delay and reverb, boost, fuzz, overdrive, modulation, compression and octave.


Seafoam Pedals

Seafoam Pedals is a small company based near Mobile, Alabama on the Gulf Coast, just 10 minutes from our Spanish Fort store. They are a boutique pedal maker creating compact, hand-wired and built pedals for musicians looking for top-quality gear. 

But Wait, There’s More


In addition to those brands, we also have a great selection including pedals from Bob Burt Cabinets & Pedals, TC Electronic, Electro-Harmonix, BOSS, Truetone, Xotic, MXR, Strymon, and moog. We’ve also got used pedals from all of these makers and more. Check out the link below to have a look at some of what we currently have in stock. If there’s something you don’t see, let us know and we’ll get it for you.

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