2019 Ibanez RGD71ALANB 7 String Electric Guitar


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2019 Ibanez RGD71ALANB 7 String Electric Guitar, Nitro Wizard Neck, Sub Zero Treated Frets, DiMarzio Fusion Edge Pickups ANB Finish, Weight(Actual): 7.5 Lbs. New #I190501749

The RGD is Ibanez's ultimate metal machine. The demands of down-tuning require a specifically designed responsiveness not found in "normal" guitars. To optimize for the rich, desirable thickness of tone that down-tuning produces, we extended the neck by one inch to a 26.5" scale. Longer-than standard yet not overly long. The neck is still considered a "fast" neck for speed soloing. Extra-deep cutaways grant comfortable access to the necks highest notes.

RGD Prestige
Precision Performance Playability

There are three principles behind our new Ibanez Prestige line: Precision, Performance, and Playability. The combination of high-tech manufacturing techniques with old-world Japanese craftsmanship, true innovation in design and construction, and the incorporation of ideas and suggestions from musicians from around the world are the cornerstones of the Prestige production process.

RGD Axion Label

The Axion Label was made for metal, but offers even more for the adventurous players out there. The Axion Label models feature forward-looking developments in sound, playability and looks that take performances higher, deeper and heavier. Arm yourself with the Axion Label and get ready to break some new ground.

Macassar Ebony fretboard

Macassar Ebony produces a tight low and mid range with an iconic attack on the high end. It also features a quick response and rich sustain.

Coil-tap switch

The push/pull coil tap adds sound and tonal variations for both pickups.

Sub Zero Treated Frets

The Sub Zero treated frets can stand up against the hardest riffing and string-bending.

Nitro Wizard 5pc Panga Panga/Walnut neck

Super-thin and ultra-playable Nitro Wizard 5-piece Panga Panga/Walnut neck substantially increases sustain

Luminescent side dot inlay

The luminescent side dot inlays make it easy for players to perform on dark stages, matching the dazzling luminescent Ibanez headstock logo.

DiMarzio Fusion Edge Pickups

Through close collaboration between Ibanez and DiMarzio® Fusion Edge pickups have been engineered to produce a powerful, distinctive tone with a crisp, cutting high end, and a tight, compressed bottom end, minus any muddy mid-range.

Gotoh MG-T locking machine heads

The Gotoh® MG-T locking machine heads achieve incredible tuning stability, cutting down string-changing time.

neck type Nitro Wizard-7 5pc Panga Panga/Walnut neck
top/back/body Flamed Maple (5mm) topLayered Ash body
fretboard Macassar Ebony fretboardWhite Step off-set dot inlay
fret Jumbo Sub Zero treated frets
number of frets 24
bridge Gibraltar Standard II-7 bridge
string space 10.8mm
neck pickup DiMarzio® Fusion Edge 7 (H) neck pickupPassive/Ceramic
bridge pickup DiMarzio® Fusion Edge 7 (H) bridge pickupPassive/Ceramic
factory tuning 1D,2A,3F,4C,5G,6D,7A
string gauge .010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046/.059
nut Plastic
hardware color Black

Scale : 673mm/26.5"
a : Width 48mm at NUT
b : Width 68mm at 24F
c : Thickness 19mm at 1F
d : Thickness 21mm at 12F
Radius : 400mmR
Weight(Actual): 7.5 Lbs.

This guitar does not have a standard case or gigbag, but one can be purchased from out inventory if desired.

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