Kala Brand Music

Mike Upton was working for Hohner when he saw an opportunity for the company and developed the Lanikai brand of ukuleles. After some changes within the company, he left. That was June of 2005. In July of the same year he founded Kala Brand Music. Blues Angel Music offers several Kala brand ukuleles.

Kala has the widest variety of ukuleles in the industry. From colorful Waterman and Ukadelic ukuleles to traditional Satin Mahogany and Hawaiian Gloss Koa. They even have unique ukes in the Ebony and Bocote lines. Even more different are their Archtop and Resonator lines. 

All in, Kala Brand Music offers more than 175 different ukulele models, and Blues Angel Music has many of them in stock now. Check out our current inventory and order yours. If you’d rather play a few and decide which is best for you, come on in to our Pensacola store and try them out.