The Roland Corporation was founded in Osaka Japan by Rōrando Kabushiki Kaisha in 1972. Over the years, Roland has manufactured many instruments that have had a profound impact on music. They were also instrumental in the development of MIDI technology. Blues Angel Music offers the full Roland line, and its sub-brands, to the Northern Gulf Coast and Pensacola Area.

One of the most notable innovations from Roland is the TR-808. Roland launched the TR-808 drum machine, its first programmable drum machine, in 1980. Although it was not an immediate commercial success, the 808 was eventually used on more hit records than any other drum machine and became a cornerstone of the emerging electronic and hip hop genres.

The Roland brand is used on a wide range of products including synthesizers, digital pianos, electronically-enhanced accordions, electronic drum systems, dance/DJ gear, guitar synthesizers, amplifiers, and recording products.

Boss is a brand used for products geared toward guitar players and is used for guitar pedals, effects units, rhythm and accompaniment machines, guitar amplifiers, and portable recording equipment.