Blues Angel Music Foundation

Our Vision:

The Blues Angel Music Foundation aims to make a positive impact on the Greater Pensacola Area through the promotion of music education, instruction, and therapy throughout the lifespan of any and every individual it touches.

Our Mission:

We will seek out and support organizations, scholarships, and other efforts to engage the mind and body through music.

Our Story:

In 2012, before there was a foundation, Jim and Nan DeStafney, owners of Blues Angel Music, knew they wanted to help make a positive difference in the lives of people through music. From their own pockets, they made donations to many local organizations including the Belmont Youth Band, the Pensacola Choral Society, the Pensacola Symphony, the Waterfront Rescue Mission, and Guitars for Vets. But that wasn’t enough.

They began looking for groups who were making strides in providing music therapy. It has long been accepted that music can connect to parts of the brain beyond control of the conscious mind. Science and brain imaging have shown us that the brain has the ability to heal and change. This same science has taught us that music therapy can help patients overcome language, cognition, and motor control problems that were once believed to be beyond rehabilitation.

Then, in September of 2014, a $200 donation to their efforts changed things and the Blues Angel Music Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was born.

The BAM Foundation is an active representation of the desire of the staff and customers of Blues Angel Music to spread the power of music to places where it doesn’t currently exist. It is funded directly through fundraising and by direct, tax deductible, donations from people like you.

All money raised by the Blues Angel Music Foundation goes to promote music education and therapy for people of any age including students, teachers, and people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Why Music Matters

Music majors are the most likely group of college graduates to be admitted into medical school. Research has shown that piano students are better equipped to comprehend mathematical and scientific concepts. Of course, America needs more and better physicians, scientists and mathematicians.

Playing and learning music benefits people of all ages — and it’s proven fun! The Blues Angel Music Foundation advances active participation in music education, instruction, and therapy across the lifespan of every individual willing to participate by supporting philanthropic giving and public service programs.