Chateau was founded in Taiwan in 1999. Born from the company Tenon, which was founded by Mr. Chang in 1979, Chateau has become a well-known name in saxophones. Blues Angel Music offers the full line of Chateau saxophones from the hand-crafted Versailles series to the student-ready Cheverny series.

The Versailles 90 series is handcrafted with 92% copper. Flower engravings cover the entire body, and the entire engraving process is carried out by one artisan.

The Chenonceau series is handcrafted with 85% copper. The floral engraving on this series extends from the body to the bell. Just like the Versailles, this is carried out by a single artisan.

Inspired by a French castle, the Chambord series carries a larger bell, increasing volume and resonance.

Beginners will love the craftsmanship and ease of play of the Valencay series.

The Cherveny series is ideal for students and beginners alike.