Allen & Heath

Allen & Heath was founded in 1969, and by the early ’70s, they built a custom quadraphonic mixing console for Pink Floyd, the MOD1. Blues Angel Music is excited to offer this company’s products to the greater Pensacola area and online.

Though the company has been in many hands since 1969, they have made many major innovations in the field of sound. They were the first to mount pots and switches on the input channel circuit board, creating modular mixing systems. They were also the first to make a small mixer, only six channels, called the MiniMixer. Their Syncron A was the first to use op-amps. The CMC console was the first to use a microprocessor to integrate MIDI. And their GL2 console combined front of house and stage monitor functionality into a single mixer.

Today they offer D Live, Avantis, SQ, QU, AHM65, Everything I/O, XONE, ZED and more. Check out our current stock of Allen & Heath, or come in and get pro advice from our team of audio specialists.