Blues Angel Music is your place to get the full line of Shure microphones in Pensacola and online. When Sidney N. Shure founded the Shure Radio Company in 1925, it was not the company we all know today. Based in Chicago, the company sold radio parts kits. When the Great Depression crippled the American economy in 1929, the company was forced to slim down and retool. At this point they became the exclusive US based distributor for a small microphone company. 

In 1931, Sidney Shure and engineer Ralph Glover began development of the first Shure microphone. The Shure Model 55, introduced in 1939, is one of the world’s most recognizable microphones. In 1941, Shure was contracted by the United States to supply microphones during World War II. The T-17B was the microphone most widely used by the Army and Navy during WWII. Additionally, Shure made throat, headset, and oxygen mask microphones.

Today, in addition to a wide range of microphones suiting many different needs, Shure offers sound reinforcement systems, mixers, personal monitors, headphones, earphones, and digital signal processors.  Check out our current stock of Shure products and order with confidence.