Recording King

The Recording King instrument company began in the 1930s as a house brand for then-retail giant Montgomery Ward. Their acoustic guitars and banjos were among the most respected and sought after fretted instruments of the time. Offerings from Recording King include solid-top dreadnoughts, resonators, banjos and more. Blues Angel Music offers these instruments in Pensacola and online. 

The brand’s life was short lived initially, shuttering production in 1939. The company was bought by The Music Link in 2007 and has been producing instruments since. Modern Recording King instruments are still designed and constructed in the pre-WWII way. Their guitars, resonators, and banjos are durable and playable. These are instruments that can be played for decades and then handed down to your children. If you’d like the kind of instrument that will last generations, check out our Recording King selection online or come in to play one.