Taylor Guitars

When 18-year-old Bob Taylor was working at American Dream guitar shop in 1972, he didn’t know he’d soon own the company. In 1974, he and coworker Kurt Listug, along with Steve Schemmer, bought the company and renamed it Westland Music Company. Needing a smaller logomark for the instruments’ headstock, and wanting an American sounding name, the trio landed on the name Taylor Guitars. Blues Angel Music has been selling Taylor Guitars in Pensacola for a long time. Come play a few.

Taylor Guitars is based in El Cajon, California with another production facility just across the Mexican border in Tecate, Mexico. 

The guitars made by Taylor are considered to be among the best in the world for their sound and ease of playability. Taylor Guitars come in six body sizes: Grand Concert, Grand Auditorium, Grand Pacific, Grand Symphony, Dreadnought, and Grand Orchestra. These body sizes can be found in Taylor’s different series guitars including the Academy Series, their entry level guitars; numbered series from 100 to 900; the Koa Series; and the Presentation Series. Taylor also offers travel, specialty, and custom guitars including the popular GS Mini Series, Baby Series, and the GS Mini Bass.

Many Taylor Guitars can be had with their innovative V-Class bracing. The V-Class bracing delivers enhanced volume, sustain, and intonation.

Known for acoustic guitars, Taylor also offers a line of electric guitars including the T5, T5z, and T3. Blues Angel Music offers Taylor Guitars in both Pensacola and online. We also frequently host Taylor Guitars Find Your Fit events where attendees can try out the newest Taylor models as well as tried and true favorites to find just the right Taylor guitar to fit their needs. Check out our Taylor Guitars on our site, and come in to play them yourself.