Amati’s Fine Instruments

For more than 30 years, Amati’s Fine Instruments has been producing a full line of orchestral stringed instruments. The company, founded and headed by Michael Schear, is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are also makers of the Amahi brand of ukulele. Blues Angel Music is proud to offer these fine orchestral instruments to students and professionals alike in the Pensacola area.

Amati’s violins range from the introductory Maestro Featherlite to the concert quality Ming Jiang Zhu AAA which retails for up to $5500 with 35 models in between.

Violas also start with the Maestro Featerlite, and also range to Ming Jiang Zhu AAA. In total, there are 27 viola models from Amati’s Fine Instruments.

There are 19 cello models from Amati’s, starting with the student grade Model #80 cello outfit. Professionals may opt for the spruce and maple Ming Jing Zhu A Montagnana.

The largest instrument in their catalog, the double bass, has four options. Starting with the Model #80, and including the Model #95, Model #125, and the Model #100.