Scherl & Roth

Heinrich Roth was born in Markneukirchen, Germany. It was there that he learned from his father and older brother how to make violins. Heinrich was part of the seventh generation of Roth violin makers. In 1922, he was persuaded by friends and customers to move to the United States.

Roth worked briefly for a few different violin departments in New York. In 1932, Herman Simsom, owner of Simson & Frey, retired. Roth noticed this opportunity, and with Max Scherl, bought the company. They renamed it Scherl & Roth. In 1938, they moved the company from New York to Cleveland, Ohio.

Interest in playing stringed instruments boomed after World War II, and educators took note of the importance of music education and school orchestra. Again, seeing an opportunity, Roth brought violin makers from Europe to his shop in Ohio. These craftsmen, under Roth’s guidance, worked to provide fine and inexpensive instruments for students, in large quantities.

The standards born in the Scherl & Roth shop became the basis for the Music Educator’s National Conference standards. The company became one of the largest string shops in the world and the United States’ largest supplier of string instruments and accessories.

Scherl & Roth is still among the most sought after brands for music educators and students. Blues Angel Music is proud to offer these fine instruments to Pensacola and the Gulf Coast.