Danelectro 64

Danelectro ’64

Fresh from the 2016 NAMM Show, Blues Angel Music is offering the first of many new items.

Danelectro has long been a staple here, and the new Danelectro 64 is a Mosrite clone worthy of the name – and we have 9 of them coming. Come in or give us a call to reserve yours. We have a pair each of candy apple red, sunburst, and sea foam green, and 1 each of white, orange, and blue. Where else in the Pensacola area are you going to get a Dano-Mosrite?

Danelectro didn’t spare any details when creating this tribute to the old Mosrites. With its offset neck pickup, zero fret, solid body, glossy finish, and German-carved top matched with the Bigsby tremolo and the addition of a pair of lipstick humbuckers (a tribute to Danelectro’s own past), you’ll be rocking like Kurt Cobain or The Ramones in authentic style.

Why Mosrite?

Mosrite was founded in 1952 when Semie Moseley received a $20.00 advancement from friend and mentor Raymond Boatright. The name Mosrite is a combination of the two men’s last names. By the 60’s, at a cost of nearly double that of a Fender Strat, Mosrite became known as the most desirable boutique guitar in the world. In fact, while Jimi Hendrix was known for burning his Strats, he cared for and respected his Mosrites.

The high-quality materials, superior design, and detailed craftsmanship of the Mosrite guitar has been imitated time and again, but the Danelectro ’64 is the first and only guitar to properly capture the spirit of the Mosrite.

Danelectro has been around a long time, and in the last 20 years or so they have created some really “interesting” looking guitars and re-releases of their own original models. The new designs coming out of Camarillo, California are beautifully curved and crafted pieces of playable art.

We are taking reservations now.
Get yours and “own the tone.” Call 850-457-7557.