Band and Orchestra Instrument Rental

Band and Orchestra
Instrument Rental and Lease Program

Blues Angel Music’s Band and Orchestra Instrument Rental and Lease Program is the easiest way to get a director-approved instrument into your child’s hands. In order to ensure your child has the right instrument, we work closely with band and orchestra directors at local schools. When all of the band members have the same brand and model of instrument, it is easier for the director to explain what he or she wants the student to do. Additionally, we create specific rental and lease packages based on the needs and requests of each band director.

A Message from Stephen

Why Choose Blues Angel Music?

  • Band director approved musical instruments
  • Four levels to choose from
  • Instruments starting at $18 per month
  • Maintenance and replacement plan
  • All accessories
  • Upgrade or change instruments at any time
  • Easy rent-to-own program
  • Lease as long as you’d like

We Have the Band and Orchestra Instruments You Need

With four levels of instrument available, student used, student new, premium used, and premium new, Blues Angel Music has the right instrument for your student. Our rental instruments include:

Violin • Viola • Cello • Double Bass • French Horn • Trumpet • Trombone • Saxophone • Flute • Piccolo • Oboe • Clarinet

Conn • Selmer • King • Getzen • Blessing • Besson • Buffet • Gemeinhardt • Bach • Armstrong • Yamaha • Yanagisawa • Scherl & Roth • Ludwig • Pearl • Artley • Bundy • Emerson • Holton • Jupiter • Keilwerth • Leblanc • Mapex • Vito

Call us at (850) 457-7557 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to learn more about our band and orchestra instrument rental program.

If Your Child Wants to Change Instruments

It’s not a problem. The Blues Angel Music band and orchestra instrument rental program allows your child to change instruments as often as he or she likes. It’s hard to find the right instrument the first time, so we want to make it easy for you and your budding musician. In fact, all rent-to-own fees paid toward an instrument will transfer to your child’s new instrument of choice. It really couldn’t be easier to let your child explore the world of music.

Making Music is More Than Just Fun

Studies have shown that listening to music is good for the mind. Even better, making music improves cognitive function as well as motor skills. Music students tend to have a better understanding of language and mathematics, and they score higher on SAT and other standardized tests.

Learn more about the power of music by checking out the Blues Angel Music Foundation‘s page on our website.

Band & Orchestra Instrument Rental Price Guide

Instrument Student Used / New Premium Used / New
Violin $18/24 $30/45
Viola $18/24 $30/45
Cello $42/50 $60/70
Double Bass $45/60 $80/105
Instrument Student Used / New Premium Used / New
Alto Saxophone $34/42 $35/50
Tenor Saxophone $42/50 $65/105
Flute $18/24 $34/42
Piccolo $18/24 $34/42
Oboe $42/50 $65/105
Bb Clarinet $18/24 $34/42 – Wood
Instrument Student Used / New Premium Used / New
Trombone $18/24 $35/50
Trombone – F Attachment $42/50 $65/105
French Horn $42/50 $65/105
Trumpet $18/24 $35/50
Instrument Student Used / New
Snare $18/24
Bell & Combo Kit $18/24